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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 11 January 2017 Written Episode

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 11 January 2017 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 11 January 2017 Written Episode.

It was part of the Suri mouth and started to help her family rajni edge food food if the power Suri thing. Funny it is now called Kerala / bittergourd time is soup. Wanted to drink surimi. Rajni makes you drink the water. Shaguta feel bad. Drink surimi. Rajani says the drug while now. Surimi I take medicine by themselves, and the tablet takes rajani eye angrily. Comic says is good. Thanks to her tablet with rajni. Surimi is wrong, you say, I have not done right. Funny that says you have to take care of. Shaguta is only a matter of 6 months and then get a divorce and to say that we get rid of the girl elegance. Rajani says tomorrow I’ll have vitamin D, and thank you, he said. Funny and sharmila laughs.

I will not let you surimi vote. she
Pride, he saw how she was tortured rajani. Shun I regret, but it is the right time rajani. He took his wife aside and told me vibhisham surimi. Shan says she is doing it for your health. Surimi it made my body as Ayurvedic center. I say this because you do not want to lose you, Sean. Surimi Now I just go, say you want to sleep. Pride and kisses her on the forehead is. Surimi mind sleeping pills to eat and sleep. It takes 2-4 pills and thinks she will not wake up in the morning now, and will be the only place in the afternoon. She slips. Funny voices, and where there is room and bed bengalan. It’s not deep, not in bed.
Rajni is seen standing and sleeping on the bed in surimi Park. There are some children playing cricket. Surimi waking. Rajni told her good morning. Give to the son surimi. Surimi asks what you are doing in my room. She Finds himself completely to her appointment at the park as natural vitamin D / sun room, and rajani. Here you surimi Ask me how. While keeping her head and brought smiles to greet rajani bed. Surimi pray tell her. Rajani says that is not important, but we need vitamin D, which the sun. Surimi was shocked. Rajani says you have to go now and ask her to go. I’m in bed and told her to take back rajni surimi says. Rajani says I’m going to say goodbye and go back home. Surimi is coming up and I said.

Surimi vrithes in pain. Maggie massage her head. Rajni comes. You ask shaguta of bed in the park and so I did run. Rajani says all she needs. Pride comes and asks shaguta surimi not intervene must be nice. The new chart shows surimi for rajni. Value surimi chart and ask if this is my new routine. Rajni is. Surimi chart tears, and he was. We have more say over the RAM 100. Can not tear all surimi. Rajani says I have to create a policy that will be interesting to ask your RAM and exercise. Funny no question surimi glad to get well soon. It Maggie, sharmila tagore and dance with elegance .. crossed surimi limit rajani rajani understand and will be destroyed … I called your routine. Sharmila they do not like breakfast food rajani she asks surimi plate to get some breakfast.

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