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Chandra Nandni 6th January 2017 Written Episode

Chandra Nandni 6th January 2017 Written Episode

Chandra Nandni 6th January 2017 Written Episode.

Nandini says where are you pitahamaharaj I miss you, I wished you were with me at takshila you could see me procure certificate,maliektu strolls in,Nandini says I can’t trust you are still here, maliketu says regardless you assume that Chandra, Nandini says he is my spouses avoid us, maliektu says how might you give exact retribution a chance to flame back off, have you become hopelessly enamored with him,I can see it in you,Nandini says I abhor him that is it,maliektu says your eyes your face tells each thing,I had seen these on helina confront when she adored me,now I can see this on you for Chandra and even helina cherishes just Chandra and that Chandra grabbed both of you far from me thus I will obliterate him.

Nandini says what did maliektu see, I don’t love Chandra. Maliektu on his way back says Nandini is mine,

Chandra took away everything from me first at school then magad and now Nandini,nandini is mine and I will recover her nobody can remove her from me. Mama sees somebody is passageway and takes after her, mama says its Nandini where is she going, and takes after her. Mama says she ought to be close maliketus room what is she doing in Chandras room,Nandini takes a parchment and composes over it and puts Royal stamp,ma says great Nandini now I can point the finger at her for taking Royal stamp and covers up.

Mama illuminates helina about it,helina says are you sure,we ought to advise Chandra and he will declare her a double crosser, mama says not until she makes her next stride, we will educate Chandra just when we will discover the purpose for it, helina says I got what you mean mama. Chanakya is educated that praja is in hardship because of less rains,Chanakya says affirm we should purchase grains from others region,Chanakya is educated that pandugan fled from Vaidyaji and there was a letter found by maharaj to release him and NAND to be excused.

Chanakya goes to Chandra with the letter and says Chanakya what is this letter you asked NAND to forgiven,Chandra says I didn’t do this,Chanakya says this is Royal stamp,Chandra says I have t overlooked my guarantee to you furthermore the torment he has given to my ma,Chanakya says your Royal stamp is being abused, raj mantri tells Royal stamp is being stollen,Chanakya says I from in regards to it and declare a reward on getting it back,Chandra says who more likely than not done it,Chanakya says off base somebody will’s identity profited by nand and pandugan and is permitted to your room,Chandra says its Nandini.

Maliektu says Chandra I trust you are fine,Chandra says he sim occupied later,maliektu it’s imperative maharaj,I had seen maharani Nandini cry last night,I think she hasn’t overlooked me still,Chandra recollects helina saying the same thing,maliektu says Nandini let me know this,please help me Chaya is my better half now this is Injustice to her and our baby,Chandra leaves in anger.chandra goes to Nandini and in outrage says let me know reality and don’t need me to affront you to I front of Sabha,did you take the Royal stamp and requested to discharge your sibling and excuse NAND,Nandini understands it and says Chandra I just went to keep books and entire night I was here, Chandra says so entire night what were you doing here, Nandini says I was resting.

Chandra says weren’t you crying,Nandini says yes that doesn’t mean I stole Royal stamp,Chandra says why were you crying,Nandini says I just,Chandra says despite everything you adore maliektu however don’t you knew he is hitched to Chaya,he was your life partner take a gander at helina even she cherished her yet has acknowledged me and adores me yet you and in any case I couldn’t care less for me I have two spouses helina and durdhara,keep crying yet avoid maliektu,Nandini says what is your issue this Royal stamp or maliektu,Chandra says each time I see you I see my moms pain,I can never take you as my better half since you a re my enemy,Chandra thinks why am I so furious is it since she adores maliektu,Nandini thinks why I take him as my significant other he is my foe and I weeped for him the previous evening never,he is my foe.

Nandini says yes Chandra I have no spouse, you are adversary to me,Chandra says great now explain why you stole Royal stamp,Avantika strolls in and says I did, and falls in Chandras feet and says you can toss me out of this mahal and acknowledge my fault,Chandra says kindly don’t touch my feet,you are pardoned you could be rebuffed yet did this for your affection to child and husband and nothing isn’t right in this and in the event that I was in such condition even my wives helina and durdhara would do it and next time you won’t be saved and clears out.

Pre top : helina says Chandra, Nandini is such a poor thing I tired advising her she ought to proceed onward yet she will never get it. Helina and Chandra see Nandini crying and misjudge it for maliektu where as its for Chandra.

Upgrade Credit to: Tanaya

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