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Jaana Na Dil Se Door 11 January 2017 Written Episode

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 11 January 2017 Written Episode Update

Jaana Na Dil Se Door 11 January 2017 Written Episode.

The Episode begins with Daddy ji saying in the event that you can’t turn into Suman’s bahu, you don’t have ideal to live. He drags her. She requests that he abandon her. Its morning, Daddy ji gets Vividha to some place. Violate, Suman and Sujata achieve farmhouse and discover the cab driver oblivious. Violate awakens him and gets some information about Vividha. Driver says I was sitting tight for her and dozed here, somebody pushed me out and took the auto.

Daddy ji holds Vividha’s neck and says you have quite recently harmed Ravish and Suman, I have come to expel that thistle harming my family. She says please abandon me, what will you get by executing me. He says I will get peace, I need flexibility from you and that frantic person, your dead body won’t be found after I sink you in waters, once I execute you, I will slaughter that man fellow too. She says no.

He pushes her in the waters. Atharv leaves the auto dickey and asks does anybody drive so severely, I disliking this, I got hurt. He sees the auto empty and gets out Vividha.

He loves the place and sits on the auto. Vividha sinks and leaves the waterway battling forever. Atharv calls Vividha and asks are you playing find the stowaway, I will discover you. Vividha turns out and requests that Daddy ji not do this. Daddy ji says foe ought not be left and offered opportunity to keep running, to get peace, adversary ought to be done, I did this work for nation, today I m doing this for family, its war and everything is reasonable, our family will get free after your demise. He dunks her head in water and sinks her. She yells no. She reviews Atharv’s words.

Atharv gets her out and searches for her. Vividha reviews Atharv and her minutes. Atharv is playing around and searches for her. Vividha reviews Atharv’s empowering words. She yells Atharv. Atharv hears her and stops. Atharv rushes to discover her. Daddy ji sinks her head in water over and over. Atharv draws close to the lake and sees Daddy ji sinking Vividha. He gets stunned.

Atharv races to spare Vividha. He pulls Daddy ji away and gets inside the water. He lifts Vividha and gets her out. Daddy ji gets stunned seeing Atharv. Atharv requests that Vividha get up. She hacks. Daddy ji reviews Suman and Ravish, and gets furious. Atharv says I will call Captain saab, he will beat Dada ji. Daddy ji pulls his hair and slaps Atharv. He beats Atharv and reviews Suman’s words and agony. Vividha sees this and stresses. Jaana na dil se entryway… ..plays… … .

Daddy ji beats him a great deal. Vividha tries to get up. She races to them and stops Daddy ji. Daddy ji pushes her away. Atharv sees Vividha’s hand draining and gets stunned. He swings to ordinary and stops Daddy ji by holding his hand. Atharv’s old minutes are appeared. Atharv beats Daddy ji.

Vividha requests that Atharv not beat Dada ji. Atharv goes to Vividha and holds her. O re piya… ..plays… … . He cries and holds her face. Vividha cries and embraces him. Daddy ji hits on his head with a major stone. Atharv holds his head. Vividha gets stunned as Daddy ji gets hitting on his head over and over. She yells Atharv. Atharv swings to Daddy ji. His vision obscures. Daddy ji strolls to him. Vividha cries. Atharv holds her hand. Daddy ji kicks him down. Old minutes are seen when Kailash dragged Vividha away. Atharv tumbles down in the waterway. The blood spreads in the water. Vividha yells Atharv. Atharv sinks. Daddy ji grins. Vividha slaps Daddy ji and inquires as to why did you do this, what did Atharv do, go and discover him. Daddy ji gets furious and slaps her different circumstances. Violate comes there and holds Daddy ji’s hand.

Daddy ji and Vividha get stunned seeing him. Violate, Suman and Sujata see Daddy ji’s criminal side. Vividha says Daddy ji has sent Atharv in water, he will associate with, he has hit Atharv’s head with stone, on same place where he has the injury, discover Atharv please. She yells Atharv. Sujata says Vividha don’t stress you know Atharv knows swimming, he will turn out. Vividha and Sujata yell to Atharv. Violate bounced in the waters and searches for Atharv. Violate leaves waters. Vividha requests Atharv. Violate signs no. They all get stunned.


Vividha says we have no time, I will discover Atharv on the off chance that you don’t discover him. Violate says its not alright for you to go in lake. Investigator says we didn’t get the body. Vividha gets some information about body, take his name, he will return for me. Pandit requests that they do soul peace puja. Vividha gets stunned.

Overhaul Credit to: Amena

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