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Kaala Teeka 11 January 2017 Written Episode

Kaala Teeka 11 January 2017 Written Episode Update

Kaala Teeka 11 January 2017 Written Episode.

Nandu approaches Devri to spare Naina. Devri handles him. Devri says let me know your last wish. Nandu says I wanna embrace you once. Nandu wounds Devri. Nandu says you need to kick the bucket. I was moronic to trust you.

Nandu embraces Devri and cuts him. Nandu says you are a fallen angel. Devri wounds Nandu also. Nandu falls. Kali says Nandu you can’t abandon me. Nandu says guarantee me you will surrender your little girls great bringing. Kali says you can’t abandon me. I require you for that. Nandu says I know you can do this. You will bring them up right.

Kali says Naina.. Nandu says come here girl. Pavitra and Naina embrace Nandu. Kali shouts. Nandu shuts his eyes.

Scene 2

Nandu’s memorial service is being finished. Kali is crying. Prohit says I am truly stressed for Kali. Kali stays there crying.

Pavitra says I wanna go to mom. Gauri says I will take you to her. Naina says I wanna converse with dad he has not conversed with me. Mom didn’t sing me bedtime song. Gauri says I am your mother. Naina says no I did a misstep. Kali is my mother. also, daddy has abandoned us as well. Pavitra tries to run Gauri stops her and is going to slap her. Leela stops her hand.

Leela says what’s happening with you? Gauri says we need to show her behavior. Leela says show Naina too. Leela says go kids sit on little girls. Leela says don’t act thusly with the young ladies once more.

Naina says don’t cry Pavitra. dadi said she will take us to mother.

Yug says to Kali we need to acknowledge the reality. He cherished you to such an extent. He used to bring anything for you when you needed. Prohit says memorial service prepares are prepared. Manjiri says Kali is in stun.

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