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Kalash 11 January 2017 Written Episode

Kalash 11 January 2017 Written Episode Update

Kalash 11 January 2017 Written Episode.

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Amico change of clothes in his room and say Ravi brings you more sick. Amico his clothes. I Forgot to say that if the drug case. Amico I remember meds from home. I will not be considering the cold water, but let me check the fridge. RAVI says, is seated. Amico says, because I have been sick. I should not. He says this is a mistake. Do not blame you. Amico how you can be nice. I was so mad. I feel bad. I promise to never do it again. I would have in the kitchen, there must be something. He says, come quickly.

Saket stood outside in the car. He says, this much time for the fast lane, no. Saket say, I will win.
Amico is now looking into the fridge. He says:
I have something for him. He was sick of me. Amico I should not. For me he was sick. He says, when they drink, because they were making tea heat Ravi. He says, I do not believe you did this one. He says you can not underestimate her husband. How is your mouth? I boil water and plants. Devika you saw on the Internet? And what he says is the Internet? It is as bitter. RAVI is good for your health.
Amico laughs. Ma picking in Saket. He says he looks fine. You are not far from those days when I live in. He slips. Devika says that? Perhaps because of that I feel that I’m not worried. He herb tea. Saket Sony, I stay in my design, look, he said. Convenience is to stay away from her after a few hours.
Amico comes into the room and gives him tea. She will feel better. Try it. I think this is cool. He tea. Devika sleep and eat your head and say that we will be a doctor in the morning. Never miss your vacation. As for your tea? It. I again and devika. Amico says that this is all bad Ravi. It is better you feel? It. RAVI says, the things that you have something for me, please, for the day. I with you for the day. Devika is my first love and I have you in my previous. This is the truth. Do not be mad about it and go again. Amico I believe you called. I should. I overreakted. I can not get mad, and then I’ll see, if you go near the control. It is a member of the right. I’m sorry for what happened. He sees that he is dead. Devika his chest kavatalate and sleeps well.
Devika says Ravi signed. I can not see what they are. I give him pain / he hears some noise. Amico says, he sees what is happening with outsideand. I was feeling that someone in the kitchen there, and I was looking for. I control.
Level is on its way. It is dark. I should not be driving in the mountains or in the dark. Where should I go? I control maps. Here, there is no relationship. I must have got service. I still have to achieve. Saket Ravi before death. I rescued.
Devika went down, and no one here. He hears people talking. A man called me to break. This is what I asked: Saket. You cut the pipe. This is a problem. I say, all the cases, the accident here. I fix it, then I was in the car. RAVI oil, if he sees the demon Forms. BTW what is your hatred? Amico was dazed.

RAVI waking. Amico, where is? The hall could have been killed. She tries to you. He says, I must inform Amico. I stay there for? It seems every where. RAVI Sony says that I have to buy medicine? So late? But she did not pick up her call.
Saket, says he was a Boca my way. Give him money. I’ll make sure that does not Saket, he sat Amico and says he does not. I Sat in the car, you go back to check. Amico I say, when the angry man. It was payment for his sins. I killed him before, but I gave him a chance to change it, but I will not at this time. This time my husband wanted attire. I plan failed.

Prekap- Amico against him money and ask: brakes failed Saket. He says he plans to die like Saket Ravi.

Credit Update:syed zohaib hassan

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