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Kalash 6th January 2017 Written Episode

Kalash 6th January 2017 Written Episode

Kalash 6th January 2017 Written Episode.

Devika brings tea for Ravi and says Janki and Rekha has come to meet Sakshi, i brought you breakfast as you dont eat anything entire day. Janki comes there, Ravi welcomes her. Janki says to Devika that i need to leave, Devika says you appear to be stressed, whats the issue? Janki says there would one say one is arrangement i need to deal with critically, Ravi says let me know, possibly i will have the capacity to help, Devika says we will deal with together, let us know, Janki says there is issue in business, i purchased property in mountain zone, i thought to make sentimental resort yet i dont know whether resort is sentimental, i cannot take scurry choice that is the reason i was supposing to send a couple there and inquire as to whether its sentimental place or not, i need to send trusted couple, who would it be advisable for me to send? Ravi and Devika thinks as well, Janki says you both can go there and offer assistance

me, you are my kin and can go there and tell in the event that i can put resources into that place or not, Devika says we both? Janki says its alright in the event that you dont need to go, Devika says no we will help you, we will go there and help you with recommendation, Ravi winks at Devika, Janki inquires as to whether he is occupied? Ravi says no mother’s request ought to be tailed, we will go there, Devika says dont stress, we will go, Ravi says when we need to clear out? Janki says would you be able to both leave in 2hours? Ravi says i dont have issue with it, Devika says we will leave in 2hours, dont take strain mother, Janki expresses gratitude toward them, Janki embraces Devika and imagines that my arrangement worked. Devika grins at Ravi.

Janki is sitting with Rekha and Sakshi. Rekha asks Janki what you thought will be valid? i dont think we ought to send Ravi and Ambika far from house, so much occurrences happened with them, there lives were in threat, it implies their lives are in risk and on the off chance that we send them out of city then we will frightened dependably, imagine a scenario in which they require us. they will be far away, Janki says i see however dont stress, i have made this arrangement in the wake of considering, this is quite recently reason to send them together and about peril, they are in risk in this house, all assaults happened in this house in light of which Ravi and Devika couldnt invest energy, this outing resembles special night for them, Sakshi says i need to state you are splendid Janki close relative, Rekha says yes you are correct Janki, they will get time for each other and will be glad, Janki says recently remember to not educate anybody concerning this arrangement, Rekha says to Janki that we wont tell anybody it, Sakshi says this will stay mystery. Nivi has listened their discussion.

Scene 2

Nivi goes to Saket’s home, Saket says you here? Nivi says i need to let you know some terrible news, Saket says one all the more awful news? you simply continue letting me know terrible news, Nivi says till we continue squandering time, we will have awful news just, Saket says you have begun battling now? Nivi says you dont recognize what happens in that house, Ravi and Ambiak have turned out to be close to the point that they are going for special first night.

Ravi and Devika have pressed everything, Devika says have you stuffed everything? its your propensity to overlook things at home, Ravi says how you know my propensity? we are going on outing for first time, Devika says i live with you and know you act oversmart however desert vital things that is the reason i am reminding you to pack everything, Ravi says i have pressed everything. Ravi says you have stuffed such a variety of garments, he pulls her closer and says why you require garments there? Devika says have you gone distraught? abandon me, she pulls far from him. Sakshi, Rekha and Janki comes there, DEvia says why did you come here? i would have gone to your room, Sakshi says i came to see you off, Devika says to Sakshi that stay in room when i am not here and deal with yourself, Devika requests that Rekha remain here to deal with Sakshi, no one thinks about her here and on the off chance that you remain here then Sakshi will turn out to be fine soon, ravi says please remain here, Rekha says no, how might i remain in little girl’s inlaws house? Ravi says i am your child as well, remain here, Janki says i will come here regularly as well, remain here Rekha, Rekha says i will remain here then, Ravi expresses gratitude toward her. Janki solicits Ravi to take mind from Devika, she gets cool soon, Devika says i should deal with him rather, Ravi says it would be great, Devika says i am powerless to run with you, Ravi says see what she is stating? they both begin quarreling, Janki says dont battle there like this, Ravi says i will just love, Devika frowns at him. Vikas comes there and says would you say you are both prepared? Ravi says yes, Vikas says sit in auto, i will take your gear, Ravi says i will convey it, Vikas says you simply deal with your significant other, that is huge thing, Ravi says you need me to convey my better half to auto? Devika says Ravi.. Ravi welcomes everybody and leaves with Devika. Janki and Sakshi embraces Rekha.

Ravi is driving, Devika is utilizing telephone. Ravi says converse with me, Devika says i need you to focus on driving, you will begin gabbing on the off chance that i say anything, Ravi says i will be occupied in the event that you continue utilizing telephone, you yak not me, Devika says see you began, Ravi says i cannot hold up under that my significant other is overlooking me and utilizing telephone, he grabs telephone from her, Devika says i was perusing article on it, Ravi says i am not essential to you? DEvika says affirm lets talk, what theme? Ravi says i am an attractive person, discuss it, Devika says i cannot lie, Ravi says approve fine then yet i wont give yo telephone and will continue yakking. Devika says dont say a word now.

Saket says to Nivi that they are going for special night? why didnt you stop them? Nivi says they officially left, Saket says why you didnt let me know? Nivi says i became more acquainted with it rightnow, Saket asks where are they going? Nivi lets him know put, he says i am going there, Nivi says i will accompany you, Saket says you are a revile to me so i am not taking you, he takes off. Nivi believes that Saket must arrangement something, i need to tail him, he is not letting me know.

Devika says to Ravi that lets sing tunes, Ravi says affirm, Devika says you begin, i will go along with you, Ravi sings janam melody, Devika says you are not sining in beat, they both sing in a state of harmony, Devika says lets sing Kaun tujhe tune, Ravi says you adore me, say it, they sing boldo na zara, Ravi says i sang so pleasantly, Devika says you just murmured, i sang, Ravi says you are my significant other so it doesnt matter. Saket is driving auto, Nivi is tailing him. Saket conceives that i wont squander time this time, Ravi wont return home this time. Nivi conceives that Saket wont let me know arrange yet i feel like you will accomplish something against Ravi and i wont give that a chance to happen, i need to reach there to spare Ravi. Saket sees Niti tailing him from auto mirror and supposes this witch is tailing me?

PRECAP-Ravi and Devika are at dhabba, one young lady Priya comes and embraces Ravi. Devika sees Ravi embracing her and grinning, she gets hurt seeing it.

Overhaul Credit to: Atiba

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