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Mahek 11 January 2017 Written Episode

Mahek 11 January 2017 Written Episode Update

Mahek 11 January 2017 Written Episode.

Scene 1
Same has married service members have only a woman when two groups of performance, if no one comes forward until I read at 6 and it will be announced as Winner woman on what .. every time .. is ticking .. Same is about to announcement wizard’s family as winner but someone says stop … all heads turned to his direction, his vaitlana, if it is Bollywood dresses. Vaitlana said this is not finished, it is early in the woman’s side of the family. Vaitlana stage and began dancing Ye Mera Dil song, Ravi is enjoying her seductive dance. Sharia is smiling slightly. RAVI and jeevan joins him on stage and dance around it, Wizard was stunned, held in Hopper, vaitlana finished his performance, all clap for him, the counter GLACES at jeevan.
Vaitlana the corner and call Sanjay,
You ask where are you? It depends, it is coming, vaitlana said I have to give dance performance, Sharia is shahrukh Khan, Sanjay had told him coming amresh Puri.
Bride and groom start dancing on Mehndi logo ke song. Sharia wizard stand up and dance around, singing Mehndi Delhi Car Rana, wizard joins him on the floor and do your dance steps. Sanjay reaches Mehndi ceremony venue, dressed as villain. Sharia and wizard are dancing around each other, all are enjoying their Bantering in dance. Wizard are closer to the Sharia while but it annoys and moves away, Sharia smiled at her and dance with her. All family members join them and dance around Sharia and master. Sanjay are gathering and start dancing too, all waiting to see him dance around and Sharia mahek. Sanjay are in Sharia and stops dancing, Sharia GLACES him. Sanjay said as court? That all over, Sanjay laughs and says thing is that the song is to ddlj but does anyone know the song? He said musicians, composers and lyricist of the song. Sanjay sounded like Sharia did not tell anyone about me as it was hot and it was criminal, it was brought to jail, surely smiles. Sanjay said Sanjay and his Sharia’s uncle, he’s my nephew and his vaitlana’s the second time, and he told me that Sharia has lost his soul in old Delhi, I am troubled to find it all because it was like before this all before, in small candy shop in old Delhi, I still miss the small street, all are tenses. Sanjay had to wizard and Sniffer, he said Marek .. you are right wizard? He said Corona that now I know what Sharia forget to bail me out and makes such beautiful daughter in law which is expected to bring all grudges and hug her, tell wizard I’ll hug you, it may be wounded but i dont misbehave. He hugs Sharia say I’m proud of you, smile please, try to combine Sharia’s eye but Sharia jerks his hand away. Sanjay bed wizard if you do something? That Sharia sorry? Sharia pages, there is anger. Sanjay said he left to the middle of the party?
At home, Sharia said Corona that now you know what it is like Bailing out your brother? Corona said he spoke nicely to everyone Sharia said he did not hear his taunts inbetvee. Sanjay there and said I think we’ll enjoy beer and wine .. you should start drinking wine as he is getting married. Sharia said drink wine, dance and have fun, but do not do anything that would make me cancel his bail and send her back to prison. Sanjay said that the obsession with people doubting.
The Mehndi ceremony. Vicky, velvet and surely dance on her disco dancers. Nehal comes to Sharia and said let go, the brothers auntyes are dancing on old songs, they have done the party as a reunion. Sanjay said that it is right, go with them, you are my nephew, Sharia pages with nehal. Corona told Sanjay that I’m happy, it came right on time but do not do any sport, Sanjay said I’m not doing anything but anything can happen, Corona eye. Sanjay vaitlana calls and gives him some instructions.
scene 2
In party Sharia dance with nehal and Sonal on shamshad song.
Jeevan said Ravi Sanjay is like us, it is something, Mansi said he went to prison, jeevan has a prison like without any mistakes, moron said that we shouldnt trust of rich people so easily, they can be deceiving, Ravi said that were negative about everyone.
All family members began dancing at party in high heels song wizard and Sharia dance around each other.
After the dance, Sharia asked Corona where vaitlana and Sanjay? N i dont trust them, they may be planning something, Corona said he enjoyed here, I’ll go and see them.

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