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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 11th January 2017 Written Episode

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 11th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 11th January 2017 Written Episode .

Nina saying installment proved me wrong with you again today starts. Nina says that if you veer right, his son, is a big loser if you are frustrated about Raghu I sleep on my bed like a king when you have no intimacy between faith, he removed my shoes he who is a servant. Raghav Nina thinks this is a good family man, he is madly in love with this family, it is not as bad as you, you do not care Dadi Dadi from Raghu can give their lives for you, look no value, Raghav and you lied to my wedding, but she did not want any of that good, the man is my husband.

Indian women make heroic husband says God. I know you, do you use for your work and cheat over Raghu Raghav’s better to say that, indeed, you are nothing without it. I say heroic rejected. Nina
Slaps him. He gets angry. They remember that you talk about Raghu, I have the opportunity to choose between you and Raghu, Raghav, wins the next time you’re talking to your wife, and you think about it I must remember to tell when bad injury, I do not know why. She leaves. Heroic You slapped me of that servant, because I promise Raghu will slap you.
Raghu call the bank to know their account balance. ‘I hope the savings used to save the house, said. He is left to know is only 1800 EUR. He thinks I do to save money is the only thing in life, how do I get the money for the guarantee of Rajiv, what would sell, I have no assets. He checks the patent. He and I waste, I got married, I could not do anything for my family here is Nina, felt so guilty right Balraj said that this patent has no value. To arrange the money, but how to think.

His bag is Czech and some painting. off he goes. Nina … raghuveer and Sanjana are entitled to know the truth, but the fact that he could not handle and then stop talking to me, in front of everyone Raghu Veer thinks disgrace. It is we who want it, are separated, the relationship of the heart, our relationships, even down at the papers, yet humanity and friendship, I would tell him the truth. Balraj he always listens and PAM. Balraj says that we planned.

Nina always hate to say that, we made Rajiv and imprisoned, he is behaving like to see the support they therefore owns Dadi. Pam, I think we could also frame the only thing we do agree, Nina came to lecture us and is treated like a queen to Dadi says. Balraj We think his brother will remain in prison. Nina cries and how these people, they are put in prison, Rajiv, he Sanjana Dadi are fooled by the fake pregnancy, the Dadi loves him too, to tell the truth to the Dadi.

Raghu shop and painting shows. The man says that his painting of the famous Indian artist. Raghu say I knew him, my mother was working in the house, I help my mother in her work, and he made our painting, he gave life, I feel like my mother, it’s very me In front of me is special. The man asks why you are selling. Raghu says the ultimate sign of his mother, I would not sell it, but the memories are at the heart of a good future to sell it, I have to save another mother, how much will get in. The man says that 11,000 euros. Raghu, I give thanks, it says more. She feels sorry for Nina and thinks to do anything for him. Cash and the last time he sees the painting. off he goes.

DADI her cheeks, her swollen asks what heroic. Nina says that if someone feels slapped heroic. Not heroic, security dogs attacking me say. DADI how loyal he says. Nina Vir calling her a female dog tuning. DADI enforcement asks for her ointment. The heroic right. DADI you’re going to be a father, I am very pleased to say. Heroic me some work, I see. He gets angry and goes to see Nina. DADI he is still like a child. Nina says that I need to say. DADI it asks to sit. He asks for cough medicines. Naina is medicine. Dadi asks to take medication on time. DADI say when you were not here, I do not live, I want to be with you and to Raghu, I want to see the heroic child who live here are just for your grandchildren.

Sanjana Dadi’s how to tell the truth must be freed before the grandson Rajiv perhaps, thinks that is not going to come. He always asks Dadi to take the medicines on time and leaves. Always talks about rites and PAM. DADI us try Naina Rasam Messenger

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