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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 6th January 2017 Written Episode

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 6th January 2017 Written Episode

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 6th January 2017 Written Episode.

The Episode begins with Raghav requesting that Chanchal not stress. Naina says infant will come, we ought to go doctor’s facility soon. Raghav and Naina take her. He requests that her take telephone. Naina leaves the telephones at home. Raghav takes them. The auto stops. Chanchal and Naina request that he begin the entryway, accomplish something quick. Raghav says too bad. Chanchal asks don’t you have any legitimate auto, what too bad. Raghav says we need to call rescue vehicle.

Naina yells call rescue vehicle, why are you seeing me. They begin contending once again missing telephone at home. Chanchal cries in labor torment. She yells them to be calm. Rraghav says fine, Naina we need to accomplish something, there are a few sheets and laundary things in auto, there is auto and emergency treatment box moreover. Naina says get it. Raghav says fine, what do you gave. Naina says Maa,

I have Maa’s meds. Raghav gets the vital things from dickey. He says we need to discover a spot. Naina and Raghav contend. She requests that he discover spot quick. He requests that her not yell. He hurries to discover a spot for conveyance. He says we got the spot, turn out Naina.

They take Chanchal. Raghav organizes the lights and sheets to conceal Chanchal. Naina and Raghav urge Chanchal to be solid and push the infant. Chanchal shouts. Raghav requests that Chanchal hold his hand tight. Chanchal holds his hand and her nail harms him. Raghav shouts. Naina asks Raghav truly… He says how would you folks bear this. Naina and Raghav yell push and check down. They see… .. Naina says child is conceived and grins. Raghav cleans the infant and grins. Naina grins seeing him. They sign each other.

Naina demonstrates the infant to Chanchal. Raghav says you got a child. Chanchal kisses the child. Raghav says Naina, we conveyed an infant. Naina says see he is adorable and sensitive, we got him in this world. He says mum and child are fine. Naina says they are upbeat too. He says even we are cheerful. They embrace and grin. Kal ho na ho… ..plays… … Naina gets Raghav. She requests that Chanchal offer child to her.

She takes child in arms and talks. She asks are you missing your Papa. Rajeev approaches his companion to keep cash for quite a while. His companion concurs. Cops come and capture Rajeev for burglary. Rajeev says I didn’t take, who recorded the objection. Cop indicates Balraj. Balraj says robbery is huge wrongdoing here, take him. Rajeev says I won’t abandon him. Cops place Rajeev in the lockup. Rajeev says I m honest, Mehras encircled me, I won’t abandon you Balraj.

Dadi, Asha and everybody hear Rajeev. Balraj says he has stolen cash from our office locker. Asha says it possibly misconstruing. Dadi quiets down Asha. She says I need to converse with Rajeev. Pam asks what’s this. Balraj says let her meet. Rajeev is brought there. Asha asks what did you do. Rajeev says they are liars, I didn’t do anything. Dadi asks Rajeev did he do burglary. Rajeev says they are confining me, Balraj is genuine criminal. Pam asks how could you. Rajeev says you gave cash for adornments to Balraj, he has shrouded it. Balraj asks will I escape cash, that sum is little for me, and huge for you. Rajeev says I simply know you are hoodlum.

Balraj says fine, let case go on me, I m not frightened, shouldn’t something be said about you, I had put signs on every one of the notes you have stolen, notes will be checked now, and after that it will be obvious that you have stolen notes. Pam says take a gander at him now, why is Dadi calm listening to this. Sudha says we generally consented to you, we never conflicted with you, you are senior and dependably demonstrated rights, what’s in this family that you don’t see their mix-ups, are they dear than family, Rajeev’s burglary wrongdoing is demonstrated, why are you listening to his drivel. Dadi says law will choose in regards to burglary, on the off chance that you are honest, no compelling reason to get frightened, else I won’t spare you, I m proprietor of Mehra ventures, I won’t pardon any misrepresentation. Asha cries and says he didn’t do anything.

Naina deals with Chanchal. She converses with Asha on telephone and says you got to be grandmum, your grandson has come, why are you crying, where are you. Asha says police captured Rajeev. Naina inquires as to why. Asha says they are stating he did robbery in Mehra office. Naina says no, Rajeev can’t do this. Asha requests that her come quick. Naina says I m coming. Raghav comes and asks what happened. Naina cries and says Rajeev is captured for robbery at Mehras, I need to go there, mum is distant from everyone else. He says unwind, Chanchal and child are separated from everyone else, I will go there. She asks what will you do, your family documented body of evidence against my family. He says I will help you, I will discover some way, believe me. She asks might I go along, I will request that neighbor close relative go to Chanchal. He says fine.

Dadi assuages Asha. Asha says I see, no compelling reason to state anything, mother’s heart does not know right or wrong, Rajeev just got to be father, he is in prison rather taking infant in hands. Sudha requests that Dadi come and they take off. Raghav and Naina come and meet Asha. Asha cries and requests that they spare Rajeev. Naina says don’t stress, where is he, quiet down. Asha says he is in lockup, spare him. Balraj stops Raghav. Naina looks on. Raghav requests that Naina go, I will come. He runs with Balraj.


Naina says simply recollect, either a family will break or get spared, what will you do Raghav, bolster truth or off-base.

Redesign Credit to: Amena

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