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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11 January 2017 Written Episode

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11 January 2017 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 11 January 2017 Written Episode.

Urvashi stands up to Gopi to not meddle now as she generally tries to jab Kokila. She goes up against Kokila that she grabbed Parag before and now her child. Jaggi inquires as to whether maasi/close relative sustained him curd, she showed him that massi resembles maa. Urvashi requests that he stay silent. Gopi says maaji has constantly given and never took anything. Urmila requests that her quiets down and proceeds. Kokila begins her exchanges in her usualy noisy style and says quiets down, on the off chance that she had been narrow minded, she would not have given back Parag and she ought to gripe Parag. She says a man ought to have nobility and not haughtiness, today Urvashi hurt her sense of pride and this is her greatest slip-up. She leaves. Jaggi tries to talk, yet Urvashi takes him away.

Shravan is occupied with enlivening house for Meera’s

children’s naming function and asks Dharam’s proposals. Gaura comes and requests that flower specialist design house with new blooms, else she will deduct his installment. She tells Shravan and Dharam that she is exceptionally cheerful today. Meera and Vidya come and Dharam says that he got a present for now’s main visitor Meera. Meera does not respond. He asks what happened. Vidya says in what manner will they conceal festivities from Chanda. Gaura requests that not stress, she won’t give Chanda a chance to turn out.

Kokila sitting in her room thinks back Urvashi standing up to that years prior, she grabbed Parag from her and now her child Jaggi. Gopi enters with nourishment. Kokila says she is not ravenous. Gopi inquires as to whether she is strained with respect to Urvashi’s words. Kokila says yes, she fouled up. Jaggi tells Urvashi that what she did isn’t right. She says she can’t endure her child geting far from her. Kokla tells Gopi that she gave Urvashi her privilege and got her this house, however she wrongly charged that she grabbed her better half and child and slapped her, she is harmed with it. She keeps spilling her heart out. Jaggi tells Urvashi that she is a companion than a mother, even god can’t grab him from her. Urvashi requests that take a promise that he won’t leave from her. Kokila proceeds with that she generally misconstrued Jaggi furthermore apologized over and over however Urvashi is attempting to rebuff her for this. Jaggi tells Urvashi that she more likely than not seen motion pictures, so she is getting to be distinctly cloudy. Urvashi requests that not joke. Jaggi says as of now there is a considerable measure of dramatization at home, she ought not begin. Urvashi requests that guarantee, else she will kick the bucket. He cautions he won’t converse with her on the off chance that she says this again and guarantee that he might be her child. She sincerely embraces her. Urmila, Pari and Mona watch them.

Gopi requests that Kokila have some nourishment, she will get blessings pressed by somebody. She says she brought presents for everybody, shouldn’t something be said about her. Kokila says how might it be a presents her a blue sari.

Vidya gets energized for this evening’s capacity and considers get ready upma for Priyal. Shravan comes and begins visiting. Vidya says baaji spared them from Chanda. Shravan says it is great baaji returned. Gaura hears their discussion and smiles that every one of her arrangements are functioning admirably and her manikins are actin as she is occupying them.

Urvashi packs presents for Meera’s children and requests that Jaggi prepare. Jaggi requests that her not make any dramatization there. Urvashi says she will say thanks to Gaura for helping him escape imprison, that is it, however in the event that somebody remarks, she won’t stay silent. Jaggi requests that not stress and goes to prepare.

Gopi prepares in blue sari and adornments and appplies 1-inch cosmetics. Jaggi comes and demonstrates her blessing. He gets hypnotized with her magnificence and begins gazing at her. Ankhon ki gustakyiyan maaf ho… .song..plays int he foundation. Gopi bats eyes and flags it is great. He keeps grinning at her. Gopi says blessing is better than average and rehashes. He just proceeds with his creative energy. She cautions him and asks where is he lost, blessing is great and he ought to pack it. They both stroll down stairs. Gopi slips and falls on Jaggi. Their eyes bolt.

Precap: Pandit plays out Meera’s infants’ naming service. Gaura excitedly sits tight for Chanda. Chanda discovers Gauras note in sustenance plate.

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