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Sanyukt 11th January 2017 Written Episode

Sanyukt 11th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Sanyukt 11th January 2017 Written Episode.

Horse in the cafeteria and on their bilateral your friend has been waiting for your barefaced he reminisces. Tujhme Rahun lost … … the background songs to play in. And chat with friends, his enthusiastic style. She tells him how she hotel management, etc .. He was just staring at him. After this his career Photography sing about.

Rita Mr. / Tanu reached the house and in the garden, when she asks her husband, who brings down to wait. Niranjan room she was in. Tanu is waiting in the garden. His home was canceled Mast and his wobbly gait are up to the cell. He stops attenuated presence felt.

Horse with his friend work. She broke her breakfast. The second comes from the United States and jokes with him in a hotel is willing to open a business, but she is forced to send him to America. He just kidding. According to friends of the constitution has many contacts and get him out of the job. A friend is missing, smear him to tell his friend asks. The key, he says nothing. His words continue. The hotel’s business statement is an investor. He said his brother Rahul investor can get the report. ‘

Niranjan Rita came down and asks his friend to meet Mr. He now asks his new friend. She says she’s died and his home was out, so she called him. Niranjan says he will not. He finds and juice operations dilute. Dr return Mast think like him are family, and through the back door of the room they are in.

Rita and his family members, who lived in this house are about to tell me. He and Dr Sameer is a fashion photographer tells about. Tanu what his other brother asks. Rita about Rahul’s sad story. Tanu asks his name.

Precap: Tanu Rahul sitting in the garden and very happy to see is that, the fact that application. He was moving down.

Masters: credit update to  syed zohaib hassan

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