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Sasural Simar Ka 11 January 2017 Written Episode

Sasural Simar Ka 11 January 2017 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 11 January 2017 Written Episode.

scene 1
Anjali Saroj as light winds, from one bottle to drink. Saroj Anjali comes and says I drank from it. I have an allergy, not drink. If you drink from the bottle. Mother says Piyush him because Vadahi be taken. Roshni Vadahi tries to cut the kite. Kite, the professional went down. Piyush Vadhai and smile. He congratulated everybody. Roshni is crazy. The pituitary is the first game and beat everyone says. Vadahi said you taught me. Mother and the pituitary Vadahi winner says.
Piyush says Amar. Thinkging say you’re in love?
Vadhai Roshni you play very well, he says. Roshni you actually play the game says. Piyush my kites you cut the heart. Vadahi is blinded. Roshni play and I think you know how to become knights of people are saying.
Vadhai say that is hell. Roshni you say is crap does. Mast you say? Roshni says yes, then what am I? He shoves Vadahi. Everyone is amazed. I know this because I drank Roshni says. Vadahi says your senses are not. Light says that where you want to go? Mother to go down for all guest calls. Roshni says you are a liar. Roshni slaos and Vadahi shoves. Light you say I never looked more life has been. Piyush snatched you from me. He is my childhood love. Mother says in your senses? Roshni says to me that with this girl. Mother says Vadhai we will not tolerate this. Roshni says, this is how you treat girls like. Piyush Vadhai slap. Piyush me a pilot case will never be tolerated. Zimmer said Piyush a woman slapped. Right now enormous Vadahi mother says. According to light any point is not that I beg your pardon. Your pituitary have been changed. Because of this, why you me, slapped? Piyush says, because he is my life. I love her. I do not lovee. You hear? I think he wanted to be like, but the truth is Vadahi. i love you. When you remain away from me and my way is incomplete when you have time off, I still want to be. When you smile, my heart wants to dance. You made for me and I know I’m coming to. When I see my parents, my whole family, I feel like. Your my reason for living and I really love you. i love you. Now I spend my life with you girl want to. You I can do anything. Vadahi every Assessments and lights. He flies. Piyush after.
Light is about to fall. Zimmer has his. Roshni says his shoves and I left. There she goes.
scene 2
Vadahi Piyush coming to excuse me, I like this I did not want. I’m ready Constitution. I speak with you in person, so you’re not just a want. Come with me! Where she says? Piyush says you trust me? He said his lodging.
Roshni crying to his room is. Of his pituitary bridge Recalls. Said Piyush slapping him and say I can not pay you. Roshni You slapped me because it says? She brought slapped. Simar comes and hugs. I Roshni says Dost. But I see the pituitary. And my defect was what? I really love it. Simar says please be quiet. I understand your feelings can and my feelings can not answer, but with the ability to love is not. Light that is why this is happenin
I live with? Simar says that when you love your state you can not be loved. You set him free. If your luck you can get along with them, otherwise you do not. I now realize it’s hard for you to know, but trust me, I’m here for you. Before me will stay with you. Piyush found his life is love, but a friend as his life does not depreciate its value is substantial? His best friend, as well as you are today. He always stand by you. I does pudding. You change it when I come back I do not want tears can.

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Giving credit to: syed zohaib hassan

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