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Shakti 11 January 2017 Written Episode

Shakti 11 January 2017 Written Episode Update

Shakti 11 January 2017 Written Episode.

Harman started seeing the suffering: the soumia sad and surbhi value function. If you want to quickly break it, I know that he is jealous and unhappy marriage and her marriage to Hermann asks. Soumia says no, and I want to enjoy it, he says. Quickly smile on her face and asks her fears. He then Harman, to take on the value soumia bed. Soumia emotional and say the best moment between them. He referred to his face, neck and hands. Herman upset with him and he can not see. Soumia principles eyes as he gets to his feet to apply a value, however, it feigns a smile on his face. It does not include the value of his face after surbhi. Surbhi see him. Harman can now go bed early? Tell him to go to the bathroom quickly.

Go to bed bathroom Surbhi grandmother.
Surbhi now asks her to meet him in his room and he promises soumia Hermann message is examined. At Hermann Hermann, and tell him surbhi g and then call and say he is aware Jùjú. Herman and I ask you, and told her to give their marriage that applies to her neck. Let’s say it is applied. He can not love and can not love. Even a life. I can not break a promise not Soumia you can not refuse. I can promise that says the break is bordered by surbhi.
Quickly call asking me to come soumia. She remembers Ask early, but she Shervani. Soumia Shervani and married Herman looks at the moment. My son always says he is quickly Cynara, but today will be filled with the sound of children’s wear other Shervani, and is only now, a woman in my house. Ask him to give you and asks you for Herman Shervani ready. Says it will throw the old Shervani. Soumia is a sad loss. What is promised to Herman, he says. Surbhi will marry well and will burn everyone lives, not just now, I am. Herman says, and it is considered one of everything, I think. She angrily breaks things.

The soumia knock on your door and Harman calls. Surbhi opens the door and he wants to talk to is the best of Herman. Soumia household income and tell him to say. Harman seems to be angry. Surbhi says I can not say we’re going to say. Harman as she says she wants to wear the pink dress is its gulabo. Herman takes her hand and asks that you always leave me. Soumia asked him to leave the sign, I will not go to the head and the head of the wedding, he says. Herman asks how to cope with your feelings. To quickly create Soumia ask him. Herman and I do not want to get married do not understand what it says. Soumia is very important for him to marry a wife, and he requested. He was quietly turns the premises. My high degree of music you play ………

Surbhi is married soumia helps create emotional. It’s looking like a beautiful bride in the world … my bride, my desire to wear clothes chatty. Says it keeps you in the eyes of God, all the evil. It remains to be married Niemi her bracelets. He removed his hand and says he surbhi tube bracelets, but keeps you safe. Surbhi … do not say. I am your part, but we did not come here to be a part of life. He says, I do not bracelets. Soumia he asks her. Surbhi is just wears a bracelet and another bracelet soumia dress. It’s okay now, he says. Soumya’ve has been a great blessing to me and my wild life underground valid marriage, he says, is just right …. Surbhi called her and asked her not to hug. Nani hope their love will live forever. Bebe Sutton as they say, will end the evening with their love. Nani asks you to speak well. Surbhi is asked to Bebe. Sindh his marriage, but he will not leave here, I was very happy because he says soumia. Soumia and hug me like that, he says.

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