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Shakti 6th January 2017 Written Episode

Shakti 6th January 2017 Written Episode

Shakti 6th January 2017 Written Episode.

The Episode begins with Harman asking Preeto what is going on in the house, and why they have ended his life choice without asking him. He says you individuals detests Soumya so much then why demonstrating fondness towards her all of a sudden. He requests that they loathe Soumya as his adoration is sufficient for her. Preeto says you are supposing us off-base. Harman says I won’t wed Surbhi. Preeto says it is not my desire. It is Soumya’s desire to see you wedded to Surbhi, we just said yes to her desire. Soumya says yes. Harman requests that her stay silent and says one ought to gain from my mum how to shoot somebody by keeping firearm on others’ shoulder. Harak Singh says along these lines both sisters can remain together and we will get our beneficiaries. Shanno is stunned. Harman applauds and says wah… you will get everything. Everybody tends to this house regard

what’s more, beneficiaries, however in the event that anybody thought about me and Surbhi’s feelings. Everybody watches over toys thinking who will play with it. He says I won’t wed Surbhi and goes.

Soumya is going to go, yet Shanno holds her hand and says so you was arranging this amusement. You made Mahi leave from here and got your sister’s place settled here. She says just Mahi will wed Harman and requests that her not take Surbhi’s name. Preeto says Harman is my child and requests that who is she choose. She asks Viren/Veeran to make his better half comprehend else she will break her hands. She takes telephone from her hand. Shanno requests that her arrival telephone. Preeto says this is my home matter and no one will utilize telephones until this marriage is finished. She requests that Viren give telephone. He says I need to utilize it for manufacturing plant work, yet Preeto charges him to give telephone. Viren gives. Shanno thinks her better half is of no utilization.

Surbhi sits tight for Soumya’s call. Nani says Harman won’t concur for this marriage. Surbhi says I will converse with jiju and will attempt to persuade him. Nani says no and requests that her not stress, let Soumya battle and beat her inconveniences. Raavi comes to Preeto. Preeto requests that her have oranges. Raavi says now you are wanting to get Kinnar’s sister here as bahu and says no one thought in regards to my torment. Preeto says once Surbhi gets hitched, I will render retribution from them. I haven’t disregarded their selling out. Raavi says what we will tell that Soumya and Surbhi are both Harman’s spouses.

Preeto snickers and says she has arranged everything and no one will think about Soumya. She comes to Soumya and requests that her not eat sustenance subsequent to provoking her. Soumya gestures. Harak Singh tells that nourishment must be wonderful as saas and bahu are making sustenance together. Preeto says Harman preferences Soumya’s hand made sustenance as she is a decent cook. Soumya comes and serves nourishment to everybody. Preeto asks Soumya, in the event that she won’t have nourishment. Soumya says I am not ravenous. Harman says I know why you would prefer not to eat. Soumya says until you concur, I won’t have sustenance. Harman inquires as to whether you will kick the bucket hungry. Soumya says it is great as reason will end. Harman gets furious and abandons having sustenance.

Soumya additionally goes. Preeto says I am so ravenous and will eat nourishment. She tastes nourishment and looks on. Soumya is in her room. Preeto comes there. Soumya says he is not concurring. Preeto says he will concur now, and requests that her lift water basin brimming with ice balls. She requests that her go to porch holding can. She says when Harman comes there, and see you shuddering with chilly, he will concur. She takes her shawl and says you needn’t bother with it, requests that her go. Soumya goes.

Shanno gives turmeric drain to everybody. Harman returns home and sees everybody having turmeric drain. He calls Soumya’s name and goes to his room. He couldn’t discover her there and asks Preeto, where is Soumya? Preeto says she is on patio. Harman says you are drinking hot drain here, and sent her to patio. Preeto says she is not a youngster to concur me and says we have kept turmeric drain for her too. He goes to porch and sees Soumya remaining on the divider and shuddering with cool. He gets stunned and asks have you gone distraught? He requests that her get down. Soumya declines to get down until he consents to her truisms. He asks have you gone distraught? You will fall sick. Soumya requests that him not draw close to her, else she will toss ice water on her and will kick the bucket with icy throughout the night. She tosses ice and water container on her. Harman is stunned.

Soumya requests that him not draw close to her and shudders. She says she will yell and will accumulate everybody. She requests that he concur, else she will bite the dust by remaining here. Harman asks what you will get by coercing me and says once you remarries another person, I will have issue. On the off chance that you wed Surbhi, then there will be no issue. Harman gets considering. Raavi says we should go and see the dramatization. Preeto requests that her drink drain and remain there. Harman tells Soumya that he simply needs her and not Surbhi. He gets some information about Surbhi. Soumya says you came to abduct Surbhi just that day, yet I was seized. Harman says just you are my significant other. Harman says how we will satisfy this connection. Soumya says on the off chance that you wed her, then we can remain together. She says what a kinnar needs, more than this. Harman says if my answer is no. at that point… Soumya gets down and keeps his hand on her head requesting that he concur or let her go from his home. Harman looks on.


Soumya conveys Shagun to Maninder’s home. Maninder asks what is this? Soumya says it is shagun for Surbhi and Harman’s marriage. Maninder is stunned.

Redesign Credit to: H Hasan

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