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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 11 January 2017 Written Episode

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 11 January 2017 Written Episode Update

Suhani Si Ek Ladki 11 January 2017 Written Episode.

The Episode begins with Sambhav conveying Suhani to a house and says I got this havan kund supposing you will concur for marriage, you don’t merit my adoration and merit just torment. He reminds her in the event that she recalls how she smoldered him. Suhani says I recollect well furthermore recall the reason. You made Yuvraaj oblivious and afterward… .a fb is appeared, where in Sambhav acted up with Suhani’s regard. Saiyyam, Yuvraaj and others come there. Yuvraaj requests that Sambhav leave Suhani. Sambhav says your beau came… and says I was deduction how you was far from activity. Yuvraaj says years prior, I couldn’t spare Suhani, however today. Sambhav says you won’t have the capacity to spare her even today.

Suhani requests that Yuvraaj move back.

Sambhav says you both needed to bite the dust together at some point back. He says why you

individuals are so stunned and not calling your God. He says where is your herogiri, and inquires as to whether she acknowledged that her life will end today. He says this is my equity and I will settle scores for everything. You smoldered me alive, now I will blaze all your relatives. Yuvraaj tries to free Suhani and tries to take the weapon, however Sambhav holds child at firearm point. Child cries. Yuvaan requests that he leave infant. Sambhav says your Birla family is reliant on you and requests that they move back in the event that they needs her to be alive. Suhani requests that Sambhav abandon her. Sambhav requests that everybody convey wood to smolder Suhani.

Saiyyam says you can’t do this Papa. Sambhav says I would prefer not to hear no furthermore would prefer not to see my child turning into my dad. He requests that Yuvaan take Saiyyam. Bhavna says no. Sambhav says Suhani will be scorched today… ..Sambhav, Saiyyam and Yuvaani are out and about, scanning for the forested areas. Yuvaan says I can’t do this. Saiyyam says your significant other is at weapon point. Yuvaan says even my mum is, and says you couldn’t care less in regards to us, and my family will be done in the event that I lose anybody of them. Saiyyam says we should convey the forested areas and attempt to make Sambhav get it. Yuvaan says you are bad to help us, leaving your father. Saiyyam yells and requests that he get to be distinctly handy and not enthusiastic. Yuvaan holds his neckline advertisement says reasonable… I won’t abandon you. Yuvaani requests that them not battle and tells Yuvaan that Sambhav have firearm, and can kill everybody in the event that they don’t reach there on time. She requests that they come. Sambhav asks Baby, why her present spouse and ex taking so much time, in the event that they are examining your awful things. Suhani requests that Sambhav not talk severely with Baby. Sambhav says why you are so irate and says goodness… even this insult suits you best, as you wedded twice. Dadi requests that Sambhav let them go and get cash. Sambhav says you are not shrewd as you is by all accounts, and says when I can slaughter you and get everything, why should I take some cash. Suhani says we won’t pass on, however you will bite the dust.

Sambhav requests that her see, and says your end is here. They see Saiyyam, Yuvaan and Yuvaani bringing the forested areas. Sambhav says great. Suhani goes and brings water. Sambhav asks what you will do? Suhani pours it on to the forested areas. Sambhav pushes infant and afterward holds her once more. Yuvaan gets furious and yells Sambhav. Suhani requests that Sambhav execute her. Sambhav says don’t feel that I am giving fake dangers and reminds her on the off chance that she recalls how he murdered Soumya. Krishna gets passionate, and tells that I will bring the forested areas. Sambhav asks what. Krishna says I have nothing to do with these individuals, my mum kicked the bucket as a result of them, and I got to be vagrant. I would prefer not to be alive and will blaze the wood with my hand. Dadi calls her treachery and tells Suhani that due to her significance they are enduring. She reproves Krishna. Suhani and Yuvraaj are stunned.

Krishna says she was dead when Suhani got her wedded to this fallen angel Saiyyam. She says I can’t bring woods alone, and necessities Saiyyam’s offer assistance. Sambhav releases Saiyyam. They turn out. Saiyyam gets some information about her arrangement. Krishna hits on his head with wood. Saiyyam says distraught young lady. Krishna says I would prefer not to do anything, you and your daddy don’t know how to regard ladies and have dependably offended my Dadu. She requests that he go and spare Birlas who had never done anything amiss with him, and says even your companion infant is among them. She goes.

Saiyyam reviews Suhani’s adoration and watch over him, Sambhav’s frenzy to deliver retribution and so forth. He returns and puts the wood in havan. Sambhav sees blood on his brow and says don’t let me know that she pursued away hitting you. He says don’t stress we will settle scores with her later. Saiyyam requests that he leave infant. Sambhav says you couldn’t overlook your first love like me. He requests that he get lamp fuel. Dadi tells Saiyyam that he ought to have kicked the bucket after birth as Yuvraaj is enduring a result of him. Sambhav requests that Saiyyam bring lamp oil. Saiyyam brings it and tosses on floor. Sambhav is stunned.


Sambhav yells Suhani… .and flames at her. Suhani shuts her eyes. Everybody gives stun responses.

Upgrade Credit to: Amena

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