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Thapki Pyaar Ki 28 December 2016 Written Episode

Thapki Pyaar Ki 28 December 2016 Written Episode

Thapki Pyaar Ki 28 December 2016 Written Episode.

The Episode begins with Thapki reviewing her terrible conduct with Bihaan and alarming him in the wake of gaining from Vasu that he had never perused the letter left by her. She tells Vasu that she thought him wrong and did a major misstep. Vasu says we need to advise everything to Bihaan. They embrace each other. Sankara hears them and is stunned. She comes to Kabir and requests that he prepare to gather his pack and leave. She says similarly as Bihaan comes to know reality, we need to take off. Kabir says I won’t give this a chance to happen. Sankara says now nothing can happen. Bihaan is stressed over Vasu and says nothing can happen to my maa. Vasu comes there with Thapki’s help and says nothing can happen to her whose child is him. Everybody is cheerful to see her remaining on her feet. Bihaan makes her sit on couch. Balwinder is additionally upbeat.

Suman gives her water and says we as a whole have petitioned God for you. Vasu advises Bihaan that Thapki needs to advise her something. Bihaan requests that her rest. Vasu says Thapki needs to let you know… .

Thapki is going to educate Bihaan regarding reality. Kabir comes and says I need to tell something. He says we should celebrate for Vasu’s recuperation and my sangeet. He holds her hand. Sankara says we will move for Maa’s bliss. Vasu requests that Thapki advise everything to bihaan quick. Thapki says I fouled up… .Vasu blacks out. Bihaan calls nurture… Everyone is stunned. They consume her to space. Sankara requests that Bihaan let Vasu take rest and requests that he accompany her. Bihaan requests that her go and says he needs to converse with Thapki. He asks Thapki, what is annoying Vasu so much..and what she needs him to know. Sankara is stowing away and listening to them. Thapki says Maa is concerned in regards to the two of us. She says whatever happened as a result of me… .I apologize for it. She overlap her hands.

Bihaan requests what? Thapki says for every one of those oversights which I did. She apologizes to him and requests pardoning. Bihaan is noiseless. Thapki says won’t you say anything. Bihaan takes a bloom from the vase and says when the old petal is culled, rose is by all accounts new. You are looking new to me. I need to take out my outrage on you, and you is by all accounts like this rose. Sankara grins. Bihaan goes. Thapki is pitiful and ponders the great minutes between them. Vasu picks up awareness and asks did you advise everything to Bihaan. Thapki says I need to advise everything to Bihaan infront of you. Vasu inquires as to why she is requiring significant investment and fears about Kabir. Thapki says he can’t do anything and says she will tell Bihaan everything amid sangeet. Vasu requests that her not give any third individual a chance to come inbetween them. Sankara tells Kabir that he can’t do anything and asks him to simply make the most of his sangeet. She supposes I can’t give Thapki and Bihaan a chance to join until I am alive. She calls somebody and says she needs to complete her work.

Dhruv comes to Aditi and gives her saree as blessing. He requests that her wear same saree today evening time. Aditi declines to wear it. He gets some information about the minutes which they have spent and says he is not expecting her pardoning. He is trying to say that he cherishes just her and will never adore any other individual. Aditi hears him. He keeps the saree and clears out. Thapki prepares and supposes she is preparing for Bihaan today. She envisions Bihaan… ..Boldo na zara tune plays… … .She sees him gone and thinks this will be genuine in at some point.


Thapki gets grabbed and taken away by the goons. They attempt to attack her. Thapki is

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