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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11 January 2017 Written Episode

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11 January 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11 January 2017 Written Episode.

The Episode begins with Raman, Ishita and Ruhi seeing Suhail’s left hand not having any tattoo. Suhail approaches Raman for shirt. Raman says sorry, take it. Suhail wears the other shirt. Ishita reviews Vikram’s words. Raman says its fitting you well. Raman signs Ishita. Ishita gets furious and goes to Suhail. Ishita asks Suhail how could you oversee, where did your tattoo go. Suhail asks what tattoo. Ishita asks did you expel it from laser. Raman requests that her stop it. Suhail asks Ruhi what’s going on.

Ruhi says Ishita met an irregular taxi driver and saw tattoo of that blackmailer, she feels you are the blackmailer. He asks will I extort you. Ruhi says no, sad. Suhail says so you welcomed me for supper and Ishita made water fall on me, this is your assessment about me. Raman says sorry, I

will clarify her. Suhail says you have beaten me and mortified me, I thought its common response of guardians, however this is excessively, I helped Ruhi, will I shakedown her. Ishita says I met your uncle Vikram Behl, your Papa conferred suicide. Suhail says kindly don’t state this, my father is enduring however did not kick the bucket. Raman says I m sorry for her sake.

Suhail says no compelling reason to state anything, I was idiotic to discover dearness in all of you, I ought to have not come here. Suhail goes. Ruhi pursues him. Mihika and Simmi ask whats the matter. Raman says they battled, they will oversee. Simmi requests that Ishita say whats the matter. Ishita requests that her not ask Ruhi anything.

Ruhi cries and requests that Suhail stop. Suhail requests that her abandon him, I m imbecilic to come here to get myself offended. Ruhi says its unfortunate mix-up, I clarified Ishita. He say this occurs with me inevitably, I adore you Ruhi, that is the reason I come here after so much affront. Ruhi gets stunned. She requests that he please stop and tune in, your grasp is dying, hold up. Suhail drives off in his auto. She cries.

Simmi finds a call and solutions. She says I need to meet, let me know time and place, I will come. She stresses and implores that everything gets fine. Ishita tries to persuade Raman. She says I met Vikram, how might I disregard it, its about Ruhi’s life. Raman says precisely, why not control, Ruhi pursued Suhail, where was the tattoo, if tattoo was not there, why did you affront him. Ruhi comes and asks Ishita how might she do this, any irregular taxi driver said Suhail is his nephew, you concurred. Ishita says he demonstrated to me Suhail’s pic as well. Ruhi asks will you consent to everybody, I was clarifying Papa, it implies you were doing show as well. She goes. Raman says did you get peace now, you won’t turn out to be little in the event that you acknowledge botch. Ishita says its in regards to Ruhi’s life, you trust me.

He asks what should I trust, that driver abandoned taking cash, he was blameworthy, Suhail can’t be, sufficiently liable now, possibly you leave or I will leave, I can’t shoulder this now. She goes to Amma’s home. Amma asks what’s the matter. Ishita says don’t ask anything, I don’t have the foggiest idea about what’s going on, its all wrong, why is Raman battling with me, I require peace and some space. Amma says you can remain here, however Pihu needs you. Ishita says I ought to be with Pihu right now, I m sorry, I will be alright. Amma says you will have the capacity to handle everything, fare thee well. Ishita takes off.

Ishita goes to Pihu and says why is she shuddering, she has no fever. Pihu talks in rest. Ishita asks what happened. Pihu awakens and embraces her, requesting that her be with her. Ishita says its only an awful dream, what’s the matter, let me know. Pihu says nothing and embraces her. Ishita makes her rest and says what happened to her, why did she get apprehensive, what’s the reason.

Ruhi softens the light up outrage and cries. She reviews Suhail’s adoration admission. Pyaar hai ya saza… ..plays… … She considers Suhail. Ishita remains with Pihu. Simmi sits close by. Aaliya sees Adi’s pic. Raman remains stressed in his room. Its morning, Ishita awakens and makes Pihu lie well. She sees the bed wet and thinks there is some issue that Pihu is so frightened, its not ordinary, I need to converse with guide soon.

Mihika asks Romi for what reason are Raman and Ishita stressed, I m beyond any doubt its about Ruhi. Romi reviews Raman’s words and says Ishita will let us know when she needs to, Ruhi is her little girl. Mrs. Bhalla says we are likewise stressed. Romi says we ought to trust them, Raman and Ishita won’t conceal, they will let us know. Simmi is in rush for work. She says I m late for presentation, I won’t have nourishment now, I won’t pass on in the event that I don’t eat for a day. She clears out. Neelu says she overlooked her record. Mrs. Bhalla says Simmi contended and left, what happened to her.

Raman comes. Romi approaches him to want breakfast. Raman indignantly demonstrates the daily paper and tells about Bengaluru attack case. He says such men ought to be shot, its men’s slip-up to think they can utilize ladies, I have two little girls, I don’t need them to remain frightened, and get flexibility like my child. He gets irate and offers his perspectives being harmed by this news. Mrs. Bhalla says we can simply instruct our children to regard ladies, abandon it, eat. Raman declines to have nourishment. Ishita comes and discovers him stressed.


Ishita requests that Raman not trust her. She says I will do what I can to secure Ruhi. Raman says she is our girl, we are as one in this, I additionally feel Suhail is lying.

Upgrade Credit to: Amena

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